Tentative Course Offerings 2016-17

Course Title


Fall 2016


Winter 2017

SprinG 2017 

ART 101 The Fundamentals of Drawing (GE C3) X X X
ART 102 Art and Design Foundation studies I X    
ART 103 Art and Design Foundation studies II   X  
ART 104 Art and Design Foundation studies III     X
ART 111 Introduction to Art (GE C3) X   TBD
ART 112 Survey of Western Art (GE C3) X X X
ART 122 Basic Digital Photography (GE C3)  X X X
ART 148 Beginning Sculpture (GE C3) X X  
ART 182 Foundation in Digital Art I X    
ART 183 Foundation in Digital Art II     X
ART 201 Intermediate Drawing     X
ART 203 Art Theory and Practice X X X
ART 209 Beginning Painting X X X
ART 211 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance X    
ART 212 Art History: Renaissance to Baroque Eras   X  
ART 222 Black and White Photography     X
ART 224 Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography X X X
ART 227 Portrait Photography (Formally Lifestyle Photography)   X  
ART 237 Graphic Design I X    
ART 238 Typography I   X  
ART 245 Ceramics I     X
ART 260 Critique, Discourse and Practice    

(G, P, S)

ART 270 Selected Topics (1-4)      
ART 288 Interaction Design I      X
ART 302 Figure Drawing X X  
ART 309 Intermediate Painting   X  
ART 310 Art History: American Art     X
ART 311 Art History: 19th Century Art (GE C4) X    
ART 312 Art History: Modern Art, 1900-1945 X    
ART 313 Design History      X
ART 314 History of Photography (GE C4)    X  
ART 315 Art History: Art Since 1945   X  
ART 316 Women as Subject and Object in Art History   X  
ART 317 Asian Art Survey   X  
ART 318 Asian Art Topics (GE C4) X   X
ART 324 Photographic Expression X    
ART 325 Advanced Camera and Lighting Techniques X    
ART 329 Editorial Photography   X  
ART 330 Book Arts      
ART 334 Illustration I: Techniques and Tools     X
ART 337 Graphic Design II X    
ART 338 Typography II   X  
ART 345C Ceramics II - combined with 245     X
ART 348 Intermediate Sculpture   X  
ART 350 Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone I   X  
ART 353 Intermedia/Art      
ART 366 Junior Studio Art Practice X    
ART 370 Art History: Michelangelo (GE C4)   X  
ART 371 Art History: Renaissance Topics (GE C4)     X
ART 383 Digital Video I X   X
ART 384 Digital 3D Modeling and Design   X  
ART 388 Interaction Design II   X  
ART 402 Advanced Figure 2D   X  
ART 409 Advanced 2D     X
ART 425 Contemporary Photography Seminar      
ART 427 Advertising Photography   X  
ART 432 Advertising Design   X  
ART 434C Illustration II - combined with 334     X
ART 437 Graphic Design III   X  
ART 438 Typography III    
ART 439 Type in Motion X    
ART 448 Advanced Topics in Sculpture     X
ART 450 Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone II      
ART 462 Senior Portfolio Project    

(G, P, S)

ART 466 Senior Studio Art Practice X    
ART 468 Portfolio Production    

(G, P, S)

ART 470 Selected Advanced Topics (1-4)      
ART 471 Selected Advanced Laboratory (1-4)      
ART 474 Collaborative Studio: Rendering, Animation & Modeling   X  
ART 483 Digital Video II   X  
ART 484 Animation, Video and Interactive Design     X
ART 488 Interaction Design III      
ART 489 Advanced Interactive Media Art      

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